Thursday, September 29, 2016

Odes after her

                                        Writing with your taste in my mouth

Expecting love till this point in my life has left me hollow , so now i want to give love unconditionally.
I know we will meet couple of times in our life so i want to make them special.I know you love to travel , so the trip will be amazing. I also know you hate to talk about sex but please bear with me. If you think it is the two backed monster to strip away your trust ,please tell me.
From my point of view it is innocent ,just achieves being near you. Isn't that all the important memories in life are realizations of being near somebody.Imagine any beautiful memory of yours up-till now in life doesn't it fit the criteria ? I want to make a everlasting memory in you and this is the reason i want you to come alone.If you don't trust me even a bit Please tell me.
I must confess I think dirty about you in my conscious dreams but in my dreams its never dirty.You think its dirty because I want to pleasure myself at your expense but i never want that.I just want to share a moment of your pleasure with you.I just want to cuddle watching movies and me trying to pleasure you.If you doubt anything Please tell me.
I just really want to see you for what you are...Watching
"They Love each other and would die for her but what did he get in return inside 

Thursday, September 13, 2012


To be
is to be perceived

To think
is to judge

To love
is to forget

To be alone
is to be alone

To die
is to be.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mirror Of Words

           A girl turned a child into a boy.He admired her everyday for four years of his life.Never knew what she meant to him..They say "you never know what you got till it's gone",but what about losing a thing you never had.Love was too heavy a word for him.He refrained from responsibilities,expectations,judgements even conversations.He lived for those subconscious realities wherein he would change but she wouldn't.He didn't want to fall for her, he just wanted to stand beside her for all his life.All the following years whenever he heard, saw or spoke about love he felt a indifferent familiarity.His morning realities were tryst with memoirs furnished of new found fathoms of a cliched emotion.In the most beautiful one of these the realization of perdition shook him to attend her funeral.
         This subconscious sport by night and the analytical solitude by day laid such contentment that life had revised its meaning.The boy knew this fantasy was his creation but the pain of this unrequited emotion was an outcast like him.He understood the joy in pain of playing god.Boy came of age hoping the girl had too but the rift inside him between what he had and the envy for the images of putative love he had seen grew. This rift had to have a bridge but the two worlds could never coexist.The depths of the rift were the only solution of the perception of owning "something different".But the acceptance of this solution was the annihilation of everything. The existence of the man was due to the girl but the allusion that the women had remains of the her blurred the illusion.The self inflicted burns of a vice made the inhalation of air beneath the bridge possible.
       With the passage of time the world inside the mirror started to fade and as a result the one outside it.To create a next beautiful mirage it was necessary to destroy the present one.Organizing a wake for the girl and inviting the one closest to her was the man's version of paradise on earth."A fuck up ,loser with no identity suffering from inferiority complex could admire anyone but the question is Is there something admirable in what i fear the most i can be".