Thursday, September 29, 2016

Odes after her

                                        Writing with your taste in my mouth

Expecting love till this point in my life has left me hollow , so now i want to give love unconditionally.
I know we will meet couple of times in our life so i want to make them special.I know you love to travel , so the trip will be amazing. I also know you hate to talk about sex but please bear with me. If you think it is the two backed monster to strip away your trust ,please tell me.
From my point of view it is innocent ,just achieves being near you. Isn't that all the important memories in life are realizations of being near somebody.Imagine any beautiful memory of yours up-till now in life doesn't it fit the criteria ? I want to make a everlasting memory in you and this is the reason i want you to come alone.If you don't trust me even a bit Please tell me.
I must confess I think dirty about you in my conscious dreams but in my dreams its never dirty.You think its dirty because I want to pleasure myself at your expense but i never want that.I just want to share a moment of your pleasure with you.I just want to cuddle watching movies and me trying to pleasure you.If you doubt anything Please tell me.
I just really want to see you for what you are...Watching
"They Love each other and would die for her but what did he get in return inside 

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